Hosting a number of resources, including the online version of The CR FAQ, KILLYOUANDEATYOU, and Treehuggers: A Methodology for Crann Ogham Work (amongst others), the Paganachd website is a self-styled ‘Celtic Reconstructionist Gateway.’ The site is currently maintained by one of the founders of CR (and contributor to the FAQ), Kathryn Price NicDhàna.

First published in 2006, The CR FAQ was written by consensus with contributions from the CR community on Livejournal – one of the most active online communities of the day. Although some of the named authors have now said that they would have worded some things differently, The CR FAQ is likely to remain one of the most important and useful introductory resources for beginners for some time to come, at the least. The FAQ is free to read on the website, although the hardcopy version contains an additional pronunciation and extensive glossary.

Gaol Naofa

Founded in 2007 by Tomás Flannabhra, Gaol Naofa is an international organization with a number of aims and objectives. These include developing practical and educational resources for the wider Gaelic Polytheist communities, and providing general support and networking opportunities for its membership.

The organization is currently based in Scotland under the leadership of Annie Loughlin, and is administered with the support of a small council of members, including one of the founders of the CR movement itself. In recent years Gaol Naofa has expanded its educational remit beyond providing only written support materials and resources hosted on its website, and has started it own Youtube channel. It also hosts a number of Facebook groups (for both members and non-members), and can be found on a variety of social media as part of its efforts in offering a sense of community and support for Gaelic Polytheists.


Starting life in 2006 as a personal blog with a few articles quietly tucked away, Tairis eventually became a ‘proper’ website all of its own. Written solely by Annie Loughlin, the site has evolved and expanded somewhat over the years. Although updates appear to be currently on hold due to the author’s commitment with Gaol Naofa, the site continues to be a solid resource for Gaelic Polytheists.

Land, Sea and Sky

Edited by Shae Clancy, Land, Sea and Sky was originally intended to be published as an introductory volume to Celtic Reconstructionism. Tragically one of the main authors, Francine Nicholson, died before the manuscript could be finished, and eventually Shae Clancy took on the job of overseeing its completion with a number of contributors providing chapters. Unable to find a publisher, however, Clancy ultimately decided to release the contents online to honor Francine’s wishes and see the project through to completion.


Founded as a result of a number of instances of plagiarism and harrassment from white supremacists looking to co-opt Celtic spirituality for racist means, CAORANN – Celts Against Oppression, Racism and Neo-Nazism – is run by a collective of Gaelic Polytheists, Celtic Reconstructionists, Native American and First Nations activists. The CAORANN website hosts a collection of articles and links to further resources regarding issues of racism, cultural appropriation, and the misuse and abuse of Celtic spirituality and Celtic symbols, and the collective also host a very active Facebook page.